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Learn English Online

With the development and expansion of the internet, learning English has become easier, cheaper, and much more fun. Learning English will help you gain access to a world of knowledge and help you communicate better in English speaking countries. Because of the internet, online learning has become a popular method of learning the English language.

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Download Drill of English - UM UNDIP 2010
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Download Drill of UM UNDIP 2010 - English

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Download Solutions of Drill of English - UM UNDIP 2010
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With work, family, and other life responsibilities, we often do not have time to take on new projects. Learning English online now provides much needed flexibility. You can set aside any time of the day or night to learn English online. It gives you the ability to avoid any distractions that may prevent you from effectively learning. You can learn once a week or everyday, depending on your own schedule. There are online English learning programs that are either free, or offered at a very reasonable price. In these programs, you will learn conversational English speaking, common jargon used among native English speakers and the context in which these words and phrases are used, pronunciation, and vocabulary. There are a host of games and exercises that accompany these programs. These learning sites will often provide English speaking discussion forums and chat rooms where one can meet other English learners to practice their English language skills. Learners will feel comfortable speaking and writing in English.
There are online English speaking teachers that you can hire to help you learn the language. You can speak with the Instructor who will teach the fundamentals of speaking English and correct your mistakes. Listening to people speak English is an important part of learning the language. Quality online programs will have an audio learning feature so that you can listen to native English speakers using the words and phrases properly. You will be able to listen many times until you get a good understanding and be able to speak English properly. You can record and compare how you speak to the native English speaker to asses how well and quickly you are learning. Online lessons should include language learning exercises that focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As well, it is important to take advantage of the English learning games which are a fun and a valuable learning too.
The internet has revolutionized how we learn English. All over the world, people are taking advantage of the many ways of learning English online. There are even communication mediums such as internet radio and television one can use to learn the English language. As well, there are many English newspapers, journals, and magazines available online. Many people are even taking advantage of sites such as YouTube which contain many video lessons on learning to speak English.
In the past, learning English may have seemed to be a difficult task, but now the internet has opened up a whole new and effective way of learning the language from the comfort on your own home.


How Much Money Can I Make Teaching English?

How Can You Answer That?
How much money you can make is, of course, a very difficult question and the answer is somewhere between nothing and a moderate amount of money. Clearly if you volunteer to teach somewhere, your motives are not financial and you aren't going to make money. If you want to make money, you probably won't volunteer and nor will you go to China to teach. You'd head to Kuwait, the UAE or Brunei.
Important considerations are your own inclinations (are you a miser or a spendthrift?), the standard of living you can attain in the country you plan to teach in and the value of one currency relative to another.

Download Drill of UM UGM 2010 - English

Download Drill of English - UM UGM 2010
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Download Bank of English for University Admission

Download Solutions of Drill of UM UGM 2010 - English

Download Solutions of Drill of English - UM UGM 2010
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Miser or Spendthrift?

The issue of your own inclinations is one that will haunt you where ever you go. If you generally spend all of your income, you'll probably continue to do that even if your income is doubled. If you earn a lot, there are temptations like travel, good restaurants and domestic services. If you can live on a shoestring and save, you'll probably continue to do that regardless of where you end up.
Local Standard of Living
How do you judge whether you are being offered a good income or not? Your standard of living relative to the rest of the population in a country is a significant factor. You can look at other jobs in that country to see what they are offering by searching the internet and by speaking to people who've taught there before. That will help you to establish if it is a fair income for that country. The next question becomes can you afford to work there? If you discover that you're going to be getting 4500 RMB (around US$650) a month to work at a school in China, you may well be horrified until you learn that you can rent a furnished apartment for 230 RMB and feed yourself for 120 RMB a month. You'll have discretionary income and will be able to travel within China and enjoy a good local standard of living. However, if you have a mortgage back home that you need to service, you will have trouble doing that and may not be able to afford to live and work in China.
International Currency Issues
The currency issue is a much thornier one. If you look at what you can earn in some of the higher paying countries like Kuwait, UAE and Brunei, you'll still want to know what you can actually do with this money. For example, if you get an income of 15,000 Dh teaching in the Arab Emirates, you'll want to know how much food, housing and utilities will cost you and how much you will have left over. If you choose to live outside big cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the cost of living will be lower and your income will be more significant. You will probably be able to send money home to pay the mortgage if you want to, or you'll be able to travel the world during your holidays. However, it's still tricky as you'll find yourself measuring your income in the currency of your home country.
Traps for the Unwary
Teachers sometimes sign contracts for a limited number of hours per week and are assured that when they arrive, they'll be given extra hours. When they arrive the extra hours fail to materialize. Pay coming in late can be another problem. A contract sometimes promises a gratuity at the completion of the contract. There are many anecdotal stories like this from China and Korea and probably from other countries as well. Be wary of promises that are made that don't appear in the contract!
Teaching in an English-speaking country.
To make a reasonable living in an English-speaking country is not easy today. Many jobs are casual and short term. They are often paid at an hourly rate that is not huge. Teachers move between jobs and may have two or three jobs going at one time. As student numbers fluctuate, teachers are sometimes asked to move on. Securing a permanent full-time position brings in a regular income, but it is often fairly meager. There are some well paid jobs to be had, but they can be difficult to obtain as many teachers want them.
Can You Make Money?
You'll never get rich teaching English, but you can make a living and you can travel the world. You'll make friends around the globe; a real bonus when you're on holidays and looking for accommodation for a few days. You can also expect international visitors to swing your way every so often. English teachers don't do it for the money, they'll never be rich, but many find it to be a rewarding career!


Easy Way to Make Money Online With Your English Skills

Getting a job online is now quite easy as long as you have good written English skills. If you haven't tried it yet you might be surprised to know that there are now a lot of individuals who make it a living. This is because there is an endless stream of demands from countless websites for quality content every day. As you many know, the internet has countless numbers of websites and even more are being made every day. The good thing about it is that these websites are always hungry for article contents to post. The competition for quality content is very tight in the world of online business and if you happen to be good in written English content or article writing is a great and easy way to make money online.

Download Drill of Smup Unpad 2010 - English

Download Drill of English - Smup Unpad 2010
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Download Bank of English for University Admission

Download Solutions of Drill of Smup Unpad 2010 - English

Download Solutions of Drill of English - Smup Unpad 2010
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What makes article writing a great and easy way to make money online is that it doesn't require a starting capital. If you already have a PC and good internet connection you can make a lot of money online through writing articles with just a minimum of 2 hours of your time each day. You can start on this kind of job by looking for article directories or websites that help bring clients and writers together. You can also apply to SEO companies as a writer and start earning money. Usually for a part time job you will be given work load equal to 4 hours of your time to finish each day not including Saturdays and Sundays of course. The article topics required will differ depending on what your client needs. This will be a very easy job for individuals with good written English jobs though and would most likely consume 2 to 3 hours tops. Article writing is definitely a great and easy way to make money online.


Fraud In English Language Education

Students want to attend high quality established schools. Schools will use fraud to attract students to their school or attempt to appear more established to qualify for government programs or association membership. Schools that claim to have specific affiliations, qualifications, assets, programs, staff or history that are untrue are committing fraud. Schools have also used fraudulent statistics to show jobs or salary upon graduation.
A favorite trick is to name a language school as a "college". The word college in Canada is not an official use name and anyone can name any building, house or barn as a college. Students should not choose a school simply because it has college in the name. College in the name does not mean anything in Canada.
Another trick is to use the same name or almost identical name of a famous school in the USA, UK, Asia, or Europe. If the famous school has not registered the name in Canada then anyone else can register the name without any affiliation with the original school at all. Students should not pick a school because it has a famous name in their country as it may have no affiliation at all and is designed to trick students.
Schools will appoint international agents or representatives to promote and market the school to potential students then not pay for the advertising or not pay the agency fees. Fraud schools will defraud agents by stating students did not register.
Some of the schools are owned by agents. When an independent agent presents the school with a potential student that student will be contacted by the head office agency and re-registered in the name of that agent thus defrauding the original hardworking agent.
Students looking for foreign schools and teachers looking for overseas employment use agents to simplify travel and registration arrangements that are usually made in a foreign language.
Agents have used a number of practices to deceive students, teachers, schools and immigration officials.
Agents committing fraud sell fake medical reports, fake police reports, fake bank deposits records, fake identities and travel documents. These illegal practices include access to student visas, illegal access to free medical services and illegal jobs.
There was a famous case in Toronto where fraud agents just sat in a coffee shop outside a language school. They approached Asian students and spoke in Korean or Japanese only. They asked students if they had signed up for the ajoining language school. They were also asked if the students had used an agent. If the students had signed directly they were made an offer that if they went back to the school and placed the fraudsters name as agent they would get a 10 or 15% refund from the fraudsters.
Agents have promised teachers overseas jobs that do not exist. Agents have promised facilities or accommodation or teaching resources that do not exist. Wages that are not paid, work visas that never appear and host of other problems.
One agent operated a fake teachers "blacklist". He placed a few known criminal schools then a few of the legitimate schools on the list. This agent was charging fees to the honest schools to be removed.
There were a couple of agents that were promising backpackers jobs as English conversation teachers. The school usually paid the agent upfront for the plane ticket, recruiting fee and expenses. The agent would call his friend in immigration who would arrest the backpacker and fine or close the school for using an illegal worker. This scam would net the agent half a years regular office salary. With 5,000 small language schools - there were plenty of uninformed new victims. That is also why these agents they use a different name or company name every six months.
The most prevalent fraud is to use the student visa as an entry into Canada to work. These fraud students take away jobs from Canadian immigrant newcomers and jobs for Canadian students. If one really looked at the reasons for Canadian student, youth and newcomer unemployment in Canada - significant culprits are the employers who use illegal workers.
Students have hired imposters to take tests for them, paid exam proctors to complete exams, bought essays from "experts" to submit as their own and bribed school officials to change their marks in the official records. The victims of this student fraud are all the honest hardworking students that were denied admission into restricted programs because their marks were not as good as the fraud students who were admitted.
The most used frauds are fake degrees, diplomas or fabricated resumes. Because the demand is high for qualified ESL teachers overseas and these schools have few or no resources to check credentials many fakes go undetected. There have been estimates that 30% of the teachers in Korea used fake degrees to get jobs, and over 60 % of the teachers in China have absolutely no qualifications or fake certificates.
The most common "Teacher Fraud" is traveling to overseas countries on a visitor visa and then teaching illegally.
FRAUD used by Homestay Providers
Homestay can be a wonderful experience for international students when the host family is honest, provides all the contracted services and quality time with the students.
Fraud by homestay providers occurs when the family cannot speak English or there is no food, heat, water, toilets or electricity in the house. Some fraud homestay providers jam 5 or 6 students into an illegal basement apartment and some homestay families work at their 3 jobs spending no time at home with the students. The dangerous homestay providers are the sex predators looking for new victims.
A degree mill is any organization that issues fake credentials. There are fraud schools that offer degrees for life experience and claim this is the equivalent of an academic degree from an accredited university. Sorry but many believe this is fraud.
The usual price for a fake degree or tesl certificate is $100 in Asia. Many of the schools are attempting to eliminate the frauds by asking for university telephone contacts or the university transcript marks sent directly to the school. The more aggressive fraud degree mills are now selling "the package" degree, tesl, transcript and hotline university contact # for the fake university for $600. The frauds are faster than the police.
There are many ESL teachers who have taken a 10 or maybe 20 hour program in a hotel room somewhere or completed some internet reading program and suddenly claim to be a certified TESOL, TESL or TEFL teacher. Many of these "certified teachers" have never been in a classroom. ESL in Canada has conducted several tours of ESL schools across Canada and the USA. Our fieldwork to collect information for the webpage directory has uncovered frauds, misrepresentations and some very bad situations.


Learn How to Make Money Teaching English Online

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, you probably are overlooking a great skill that you already possess which is in high demand - English.
You may have heard of people teaching English as a foreign language and traveling overseas, but did you know that teaching English online is now becoming a popular learning method for students, and you won't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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In order to be able to teach English online, you'll need some basic equipment, including a computer, internet connection and a web cam or microphone. You'll connect with students via Skype or Messenger and conduct sessions where you'll tutor them in the English language.
The qualification for teaching English online is called a TEFL or TESOL certificate, and it's recommended - although not completely necessary - that you complete this short course if you don't already have any teaching experience, or if you'd just like to know what your job will involve. There are many different institutes that offer TEFL training, and you can even complete the course via correspondence or online.
You will find that teaching English online is an exciting and satisfying career choice; you will be well paid and will meet people from all over the world who are keen to learn and practice the language, simply by talking to you.
Often students choose to learn online due to time or location constraints, but other advantages include a more relaxed atmosphere and the ability to be able to record and review sessions at a later date which reinforces learning.
When you choose to teach English online, you should know that you are embarking on a worthwhile career helping others with their self development, and you shall be rewarded well for your efforts.



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