Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earn Money by Teaching English Abroad

Do you want to live abroad and work as a teacher?
You can teach English to non-English speaking countries. There as a high demand for these professionals especially all across Asia. Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Thailand and Taiwan are just some of the Asian countries looking for English speaking teachers. Even European countries like Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and France and also some South American countries like, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina offer teaching opportunities
English is the widely accepted secondary language of the world. Many consider it to be the language of opportunity and teaching English as a foreign language, as an industry, still continues to grow and it has not reached its peak yet.

Download Drill of I(ndonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010 - English

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Download Drill of English - National University Admission Test (SNMPTN) 2010

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Download Drill of Indonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010 - English

Download Drill of English - Indonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010
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Download Solutions of Drill of Indonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010 - English

Pack 1
Download Solutions of Drill of English - Indonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010

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Download Solutions of Drill of English - Indonesia University Admission Test (Simak-UI) 2010
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If you want to teach English as a travel job here are the steps how:
Keep in mind that you will teach English to people who have a very limited understanding on the language; some don't have any idea at all. Perceptibly, the method and approach of teaching should be very different. This is why there should be supplementary training for aspiring teachers of English as a secondary language.
First, you must get certifications to qualify you to teach English abroad. The two certifications are TEFL and TESOL.
TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a foreign language while TESOL is for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. If you are qualified TEFL or TESOL teacher you can automatically work as a teacher in non-native English-speaking countries. There are a lot of Asian countries who are in demand of TEFL or TESOL teachers. Europe may have varying demands but certified TEFL/TESOL teachers can work there as well.
TEFL and TESOL certifications are offered in US and Australia but you can also get them online. A little research and study of English and teaching methodology can give you passable results. There are some websites that provide online training courses and resources. You can study at your own pace and get the exam for the certification at your own convenience Some sites also offer a longer program that goes on for several months. These online programs are very helpful and comprehensive.
The TEFL teacher training program is intended to prepare novice instructors to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in minimal or short-term contexts. It will include not only a review of English but also the teaching methodology and theories about it. Some techniques may be taught and some are even specialized for different kinds of cultures.
Whether you are a professor in English or a high school drop out, you are still eligible to take the test and certification. All you need is the dedication and eagerness to learn. The certifications of TESOL and TEFL are signed by the IATQUO (International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organizations) making it accountable worldwide.
So, after your get your certification it will be fairly easy to find a job. The best advice I can give is to have passion in your chosen career and have fun. Teaching English to foreign people in a foreign land is emotionally and financially rewarding.


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